Ep. 7: Father’s Day Special pt. 2 – Morgan’s Tale … Just not that Morgan (Including special bonus content!)


Another special episode to spend more time with our dads, as we continue and return home (again) to speak with Lalita’s father, Morgan Chemello, lending the story of his early days of tearing apart tricycles, his few years working with Roush and the pace cars of the IndyCar series, and his work now of over 20 years with the General (GM), with much in-between. Examples: Double-front cars. Datsun trucks with Chevy engines. Pace car drives around Laguna Seca. Blackwing. C8 work. Tune on in. 

My (Lalita’s) father Morgan, our guest this week, with brothers Antonio and Angelo at MIS.

Note from Lalita:

There’s something special about spending time with your family and really listening to their stories. Not to say that Josh and I don’t and haven’t (cause we do), but these episodes gave us a platform to hear stories that were never shared with us prior, something we will cherish moving forward. I know there are many more stories to hear, and in having done this, I hope we get opportunities to do these episodes again in the future. And maybe not just with our fathers, but others too.

If you ever have the opportunity to sit down with loved ones and hear some tales, we absolutely encourage it. Even try to make some time to do so. Hear what else they might have to say. You might learn some really neat things. Things you can share with your family in the years to come.

Included this week is the article featured in the newspaper of my father’s high school shop creation. I’ve seen the picture before, but I thought it would be just as fun to share it.

A big thanks to both Frank Pohl and Morgan Chemello (thanks dads!), for letting us pull them into the podcast world. They were incredibly open to it, and I find both of them quite enjoyed it.

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Ep. 6: Father’s Day Special pt. 1 – Frank’s first podcast


This week and next, as a Father’s Day gift in a way … , we decided to spend some time with our car-loving fathers to get more of a background on how they started getting into cars and the automotive business as a whole. As a treat, we invited them to join us in our “automotive project,” like they did with us as kids, this last week we went back home to spend time with Josh’s father, Frank Pohl, for an early Father’s Day celebration. The bonus was getting to talk to Frank and share his stories with us, and you!

From spending time in his childhood and his first bike (to which he gallantly took apart shortly thereafter receiving it), to adventures at the dealership he worked at for over 30 years, the man has had some fun, especially when it comes to tinkering with everything he owns. You’ll see.

Happy listening (And Father’s Day!)! And we hope you enjoy spending some time with our dads too.

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Ep. 5: When the Mustang almost wasn’t …


1980s Detroit: Ford takes a look at the ever-aging Mustang, the Fox-body Mustang, of which had been on the market for nearly a decade. Sales were dropping and a change was needed, including its possible eradication. The change Ford originally intended to make for Mustang is what is known today as the Ford Probe, and would have completely rerouted the future of the beloved American pony car. But an apparently intended April Fool’s Day joke article published by Autoweek, as well as a man who would become a namesake with the sports brand of Ford, would be Mustang’s eventual saviors.

Special guest (former Editor at the time of the “story” and Publisher at Autoweek, with 34 years at the brand) and car enthusiast, Dutch Mandel gives a breadth of insight from his experience as the Japanese automaker beat writer for Autoweek at the time, in addition to a look at the climate of the foreign automakers making their way into American garages, and how Detroit, and the Midwest, were well, “handling it.”

This was an incredibly fun story to work on, and Josh and I are a little disappointed we were unable to get in contact with the original writer of the Autoweek article prior to the publishing of this episode, but Dutch gave wonderful background many don’t look at in the sharing of this story and how other foreign autos were making their way into the American landscape at this crucial time.

If/when we do come across more of the backstory and track down the writer, we will absolutely be updating this article.

For more notes from this telling episode, some links!: The cleanest and most well-overpriced Probe on the market | More Probes for sale!

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